Avoid These at Yard Sales


Whether you’re looking to pick up a few household items for cheap, or are on the hunt for your next vintage treasure, hitting yard sales is a fun way to spend the day. However, certain items are best left unbought, especially when it comes to safety and hygiene. Learn which items to avoid the next time you feel the itch to shop second-hand.

Electronics: Electronics at a garage sale can be hit or miss – especially because there’s no way of knowing how well they were cared for. Laptops, mp3 players and tablets could have water damage, or been dropped. If you’re looking to score a deal on an electronic, look for a refurbished device with a warranty.

Sheets and pillowcases: While you can wash them, sheets and pillowcases can carry bedbugs – which just aren’t worth the risk.

Makeup and other toiletries: Did you know makeup can expire? Unless you’re sure of the expiration date for makeup, skincare and haircare products, it’s best to skip out.

Helmets: Helmets can lose their level of protection after just one accident. To ensure you’re getting the best protection you can, it’s best to buy new.

Car seats: Just like helmets, car seats decrease in performance with use – especially in accidents. Coupled with that, and the fact that car seat technology improves each year, it’s best to spring for a new one.

Tires: Used tires can be unreliable. When it comes to your safety, new tires are the way to go.

Mattresses: Not to mention a certain ick factor, used mattresses can carry bedbugs and mold.

Now that you know what to avoid, have fun finding your next treasure!

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