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Create A Safe Bathroom For Your Kids

Whether splashing in a bubble bath with an army of rubber duckies or wiggling a loose tooth while getting ready for school, bathrooms are where we start and end our day as a family. Keep the smiles going strong with these simple tips to create a safer bathroom for your infant, toddler or young kids.

Snap and click. Install childproof latches on all drawers and cabinets.

Secure the perimeter: Install ground fault circuit interrupters on all electrical outlets.

Lid down. Keep the toilet lid closed at all times and install a toilet-lid latch.

Cut the power. Unplug hair dryers, curling irons and electric razors when you’re not using them.

Solid ground: Apply non-skid strips to the bottom of your bathtub or shower, and install non-slip pads under any rugs.

Watch the windows: Use cordless blinds on your windows.

Up and away. Keep sharp objects, medications, mouthwash, cosmetics and other chemicals in a locked cabinet out of reach.  Only use childproof caps on medicine bottles.

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