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Living Large In Small Spaces

The size of your dreams doesn’t equate to your home’s square footage. If you’re feeling the pinch of living in a small pad, let creativity guide your layout and design choices. A few furniture and fixture adjustments can go a long way in making even the tiniest of spaces a place where you love to be!

Define Your Living Spaces. Even a one room loft or studio can appear to have multiple living areas. By aligning furniture that defines your spaces, living rooms and bedrooms can feel separate despite being a few feet apart.

Another trick? Using different accent colors on your walls can help characterize room areas. Accent pieces — like a wall of box shelves between two living areas—can help define the flow of a room, too.

Resist Over Accessorizing. Owning so much great stuff can make deciding what to display and what to store feel impossible. Building around your greatest pieces allows you to also embrace changing with the seasons.

Create Illusions Of Space. Strategically placed mirrors can make spaces seem much larger to the eye. Mirrors hung on walls, large mirrors leaning in corners, even mirrors on closet doors can create a doubling effect of living areas.

Use Color To Uplift. Light, warm, and airy hues will make any space feel bigger than it actually is. Bright colors, or favorite colors, are good accents tones drawing the eye to different areas. A bright rug, a few accent pillows, or perhaps a colorful accessory can breathe life into your space.

Furnish Sparingly. Big furniture can still have a place in your life. You just can’t have as much of it. Instead of a u-shaped sectional, you may need to break up the pieces or not use them all to keep flow from being crowded.

Light To Expand. The type of lighting you use can dramatically alter the way your rooms feel and appear. Using recessed lightning saves on ground space, and its differing angles can create highlights and shadows that make your room appear much larger.

Clear Away Clutter. Stuff for stuff’s sake robs your space. Many stylish furniture options double as additional storage space. Ottomans, coffee tables with drawers and shelves, and decorative storage towers are all perfect decorative items that serve a purpose.

Feeling inspired? We feel a weekend project coming on….good luck!

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