Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Personal Touches Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

By Kathryn Weber, Tribune Content Agency

Apartment living can sometimes feel sterile. Whether you're moving into your first apartment or you move frequently for business, your apartment doesn't have to exude a bland rental style. Using some ingenuity can turn a cookie cutter apartment awash in neutral white to a one-of-a-kind pied-a-terre.

Divide and Conquer: Too often apartment decorating revolves purely around function and not so much around style. But that shouldn't be the case. You'll feel more at home and will enjoy your apartment more if it has style, too, and you'll want to invite others over. It's easy to find organizers for closets and cabinets, but what perplexes many renters is how to decorate a rented space to make it uniquely yours.

A good start if your apartment is a single room, loft or studio, is to create designated areas for sleeping, eating and relaxing. By dividing up your sleeping and living spaces, your apartment can reflect your personal bedroom and living styles. You'll also be able to add privacy and contain messes to a single area. The quickest way to do that? Room dividers.

Room dividers can be as simple or as complex as you like. For a more casual look, make a divider out of floor to ceiling curtains or inexpensive painting throw cloths to create some division in the room. A more formal look can be achieved with room dividers. Larger dividers can be created by buying multiple dividers and hinging them together.

Apartment Hang-Ups: Giving your place a stylish makeover helps you feel more at home in your apartment. One easy way is to hang curtains on the windows to soften those ubiquitous mini-blinds. Another simple change, if you're a little handy, is to replace lighting fixtures. Switch out institutional flush mounts on the ceiling in the bedroom with your own chandelier, or trade out your dining room table lighting with something more stylish.

Mirror, Mirror: If you're decorating for a first apartment, one of the things you'll need is affordable furniture. When buying dressers and side tables, don't overlook the ones that have damaged tops. Often you can get these for a song. Instead of passing them over, consider how they might look if they were spray painted and then had new tops put on them. A clever way to cover up those damaged tops is with mirror. Better still, the mirror is easy to clean and repels water stains. If your apartment is dark, mirror comes to the rescue again. Adding a leaning mirror to your apartment won't damage walls and it will reflect light, making your apartment brighter.

Clearly Personal Give your apartment your own touch. Adding areas rugs over neutral carpets, hardwood floors or tiled floors will warm up your space. Think wallpaper is out of the question? Today there are peel and stick wallpapers that can give your kitchen backsplash or bland bath a quick jolt of color and style ( If size is a problem, you can instantly make your apartment look larger by using clear glass or acrylic furniture. It's inexpensive, stylish, and can keep your apartment feeling light, airy and look roomier too. Look for clear acrylic furniture on websites such as and

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