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Use Smart Home Technology to Save Energy

As smart home technology becomes more affordable, installing such devices becomes a practical and easy way to save time, energy and money. And on top of these perks, many are fun to use and can add a cool, techy vibe to your home.

Here’s a list about some smart home devices that can help save energy.

10 Smart Home Devices That Can Help You Save Money

Home energy monitors. Devices like CURB are a great way to tackle your home energy bill head on. With real-time data on energy use in your home, you can spot problem areas and pinpoint your solution.

Wi-Fi connected electrical outlets. Turn almost anything with a plug into a remote-operated smart device. That way, you can turn off the lights and your appliances with your phone when you leave and turn them on when you’re headed home.

Outdoor smart outlets. These devices are designed to help you conserve energy and maintain the exterior of your home with remote access. Check out the variety of outdoor smart outlets to find one that fits your personal needs.

Smart strip surge protectors. When turned off, these handy surge protectors power off connected devices so they don’t continue using energy when you’re not using them. Some devices—like computers, modems, microwaves and cell phone chargers—are always using energy, even when turned off. Using a smart surge protector strip keeps these “energy vampires” from costing you money when they’re not in use.

Water leak sensors. Water leak sensors are an affordable way to stay on top of wasted water and help you stop leaks before they do any serious damage. Put them anywhere water could pose a problem — like under the kitchen sink or near the washing machine — and breathe easier.

Smart thermostats. Program your schedule and adjust the temperature throughout the house. A smart thermostat can even anticipate your comfort needs based on the forecast.

Smart lights. There are a wide variety of ways to pair smart tech with your lights. From easily programmable lights that make it look like you’re home when you’re not, to more involved, voice-command systems that adjust to suit the mood or time of day, smart lights can help you control the amount of energy lights use in your house.

Virtual assistants. Using virtual assistants, like Alexa or Google Home, can make your life a little easier when doing tasks around the house. These helpful virtual intelligences act like hubs for your entire smart home system and can interface with multiple devices once you connect them. They can also do a lot to help you lower your energy use — like turning off lights and adjusting the temperature. The technology is evolving every day, giving you convenience that eliminates excuses.

Automatic irrigation systems. Worried about the garden drying out while you’re on vacation? There’s no need once you’ve programmed your smart irrigation system to water your flowers and veggies exactly the right amount. Some smart outdoor sprinklers even run based on local weather conditions, keeping your plants from being overwatered when it rains.

Smart home security systems. While traditional home security systems and alarms give many people peace of mind when they’re away from home, some folks like more control over their home’s security. With smart home systems, you can buy your own set of smart security cameras that upload footage to a cloud server you can access from anywhere with a data or Wi-Fi connection. Some of these systems, like the Ring Doorbell, let you speak directly to visitors from wherever you are using your phone or tablet’s camera. You can purchase a Ring Doorbell for $30 off right here.

Smart home technology is a great investment for your home. Imagine having convenience and peace of mind on top of the savings that come from an energy efficient home. The best part? Certain smart home devices, like the Ring Doorbell, can even save you money on your home insurance. Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to learn more about coverage options and to see if you’re eligible for any discounts.

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