Securing Your Vacation Home

If you’re leaving your vacation home for an extended period of time, in any climate, the following checklist can help your second home stay safe and secure while you’re away.

Circuit Breakers
It’s a good idea to turn off the circuit breakers for all nonessential outlets, excluding the security alarm, furnace fans, air conditioner, sump pump, smoke detectors and emergency lights.

Rerouting your mail makes sure you don’t miss anything important and keeps mail from piling up on the doorstep of your vacation home.

Suspend Services
Suspending cable service, trash pickup, newspaper and other services will not only help you at the end of the season but help you get a jump on scheduling for your return.

Service Checkup
You can get a heads-up on any potential problems by having an appliance service person come out and identify potential issues.

Down The Drain
Pouring water mixed with baking soda down your drains will keep your drains clean and clog-free.

Inventory Updates
If you’ve made any improvements or major purchases, updating your home inventory list  is a great place to start. And a quick email or call to your agent  will help make sure your new add-ons are protected, too. 

Closing up your vacation home for the winter? Our Home Hibernation Checklist might help.

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