Quick Thinking Saves a Customer's Big Day

Claims Adjuster’s Quick Detective Work Saves the Day for a Bride-to-Be


Kyle Zenk, an American Family claims adjuster, got married two years ago and remembers the stress that comes with planning a wedding. So, when a distraught customer filed a claim for lost wedding rings just weeks before her big day, he was especially understanding.


Unfortunately, the rings weren’t covered under the customer’s homeowners policy. That meant Kyle, who had been an adjuster for only three months, was looking at his first-ever denial.


“I have always tried to do everything I can for people, so having to tell someone we could not provide coverage was very hard for me,” Kyle said. He was dreading the conversation.

But as he prepared to make the call, Kyle opted to review the claim notes one more time.


“The customer could pinpoint where she lost the rings between two locations,” he said. “Both she and her fiancée’s rings were in a box, and she remembered having them when she left the jeweler for a cleaning. But after running some additional errands she realized the box was no longer in her pocket when she got home.”


Kyle turned to the lost-and-found forum on Craigslist where he conducted a quick search for rings in the customer’s city. And sure enough, a recent post matched the description – “FOUND: TWO RINGS IN ONE BOX.” Kyle called the customer.


“I told her I didn’t want to get her hopes up too high, and I guided her to Craigslist to find the post,” he explained. “She yelled ‘Oh, gosh!’ and told me she would call me right back after contacting the poster.”


When she called back a few minutes later, the customer was in tears––and on her way to pick up her rings.


“She was so thankful and happy, she even invited me to her wedding,” Kyle said.


“To me, going above and beyond isn’t something I consider extraordinary – it should be the norm. I always try to put myself in someone else’s shoes to gain a better perspective – this helps me to better assist people in different situations.”


He added, “If we all took the time to do one random act of kindness a week, we would all see just how easy it really is.”

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