Snowmobile Trail Smarts

How excited are you to hit those snowy trails? Once you’ve done your maintenance/safety checks and gathered your gear, these tips can help you plan for safe and stress-free snowmobile trail adventures. It just might be your most incredible snowmobiling season yet!

Pre-Trail Prep

Register your snowmobile. If you purchase your snowmobile through a dealer, they’ll often help you get registered. If not, take the time to do so with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Parks and Wildlife Department or another agency. Most states don’t require snowmobiles to be titled.

Purchase your trail passes. You might be able to buy one pass for the entire state’s trails. In general, these fees go toward maintaining trails and providing subsidies to smaller clubs that maintain trails.

Dress for success. The forecast is your friend. Dress in weather-appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, every time.

Map your adventure. It’s easy to get lost on trails — especially in rural areas where there’s spotty cell service or places you haven’t already traveled —so keep a printed map tucked with your gear.

Finding Trails

Area clubs create and groom most trails. They can be required to report these trails and their condition to the state.

State government travel or tourism web sites. They can provide a list of trails, trail conditions and status of the trails.  You can also use these sites to find places to stay, eat and enjoy off-trail fun.

State-wide snowmobile association. They’ll often give you detailed trail maps, trail passes and can point you to key snowmobile events.  They’ll also provide links or contact information to smaller clubs.

Individual snowmobile clubs. These clubs have frequent events during the season that include group trail rides. Being a club member can reduce the cost of state trail passes, which are often required for sleds registered in-state and out-of-state.

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