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Money Matters

How to Budget for Your Wedding

If you’re planning your special day, you know that big parties come with even bigger price tags. How can you make your wedding plans a reality while sticking to a budget? Our guide is full of how-tos and tips for saving money on your wedding celebration.

Add DIY Personal Touches

With no shortage of tutorials and ideas from the internet, creating your own DIY projects has never been easier. And that’s something to take advantage of when it comes to your wedding décor. Create accent pieces that display your initials, use photos of you and your fiancé at different ages to mark table numbers, paint your own signs, and — if you’re feeling really inspired — you can even make your own centerpieces! Guests will love seeing your personality in the details.

Choose a Venue That Adds to the Décor

The venue is arguably one of the largest expenses of your big day, so make sure you get married somewhere that adds to the theme of your event. If your venue can lend a hand to the décor, you’ll be able to eliminate some expenses it would take to cover it with added decorations. Going for a rustic theme? Book a barn venue. Looking for upscale? A ballroom could add all the ambiance you need.

Consider Your Catering Options

A fancy meal at your wedding reception can drive your prices up fast. The sky’s the limit when it comes to caterers! If your venue allows outside food at your event, look into hiring a local food truck or restaurant. You don’t have to serve a plated meal – family-style dining and finger-food stations are a fun (and more budget-conscious) option.

Save On Flowers

Sure, flowers are pretty – but if you choose the right venue, you might be able to avoid a big bill. Hold your wedding in a garden or park for a natural backdrop of blooms! If you’re having a summer wedding, you might be able to find lovely local flowers at your farmers’ market. You can also pare down to a few important designs (like bouquets for the wedding party) and skip the centerpieces.

How Much Money Do I Need to Save for My Wedding?

That depends on what you want for your wedding day. Are you looking for a spare-no-expense luxury wedding in a fancy hotel ballroom, or a casual celebration at the beach? The style and venue will have a big impact on your wedding budget. If you’re on a tight budget and financing your big day on your own, you may want to consider some of our money-saving tips.

How to Save Money on a Wedding

Realistically, your budget could be $100, or it could be $100,000. It’s up to you to decide what what matters on your big day (and what you can actually afford). If you’re willing to use your friend’s backyard as a venue, you could save money on rental fees and flowers. If your heart is set on a fancy hotel, you may be able to cut back on your wedding cake cost or catering to close the gap.

You can apply the same skills to your regular month-to-month budgeting as well. Learn more about how to budget with this useful budgeting guide , packed with tips, tricks and resources.

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