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Hot Weather Motorcycle Tips

If the forecast says hot, these tips can keep you cool and safe on the road.

Don’t skip out on gear. It’s tempting to ride without your jacket, helmet or gloves during the heat. However, in addition to general safety, all that motorcycle gear helps regulate your body temperature and protecting it from the heat. There are plenty of options to keep you cool, such as textile or perforated leather jackets, colors that reflect the heat, and options with ventilation. There are even jackets and other motorcycle accessories with built-in cooling technology. Check out your favorite brands to see what they offer.

Pack plenty of cool water. Just like playing sports, doing yard work or any outdoor activity, you’ve got to stay hydrated on your bike during hot weather. Not only will it keep you cool, it’ll keep you feeling good and energized so you can keep riding. So drink plenty of water before, during and after your ride.

Evaporation is your friend. A bandana works great to protect you from sunburns and dust, but another trick is to wet it down and let evaporation cool the blood flowing through the arteries in your neck. You can even buy more modern versions of bandanas that hold more moisture so your bandana stays wet longer. Evaporation is nature’s way of reducing heat!

Know the signs of heat-related illness. Your body will tell you if you’re simply getting too hot to keep riding. If you start feeling light-headed, fatigued or notice any other heat-related symptoms, it’s a good idea to take a break, drink plenty of water and seek expert help if needed. Always play it safe!

Plan your ride to avoid the heat. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the hottest time of the day is usually around 3 p.m., although this varies depending on the weather. Look at an hourly forecast and plan a long break during the hottest hours. You can also look for routes with plenty of shade or try to avoid roads with lots of stoplights and construction. Stay moving and you’ll be able to keep cool.

Your motorcycle feels the heat, too. Check your coolant levels and fix any clutch, drivetrain or brake problems before you leave, and pack extra oil just in case your bike overheats.

Share these hot weather motorcycle tips with your friends, and together you’ll be riding safe and cool all summer long.

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