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Motorcycle Pre-Ride Checklist

You’re excited to hit the road, but slow down and spend a few minutes before every ride to do a maintenance check. This will make sure your motorcycle is as ready as you are. Run through this basic checklist every time and you’ll ride with peace of mind.

Check your fluids. If your fuel, oil or fluid levels are low, top them off.

Give your brakes a break. Look at the inside, outside, front and rear pads, and make sure you have firm pedal and lever feel.

Keep your lights bright. Double-check headlights (high and low beams), tail lights, brake lights and turn signals to make sure they’re working properly.

Inspect filters. Clean air and oil filters mean go-time. Check the level of dirt, and clean or replace accordingly.

Eyeball those tires. Check the pressure with a gauge every time, and keep an eye out for damage, nails or worn treads.

Clean your windshield. Make sure you can see what’s ahead of you. To maintain the integrity of your windshield, when you clean it, always use a soft cloth and a cleaning product that is safe for acrylic. Cleaning your windshield after you ride will allow you to remove the bugs and rain before they have a chance to set.

Foot pegs firm? Your peg height must be right, and they should feel secure. Any sign of looseness, check your manual for proper tightening.

Drive chain, cables, nuts and bolts. Check! Make sure your drive chain has proper lubrication and tension, and be sure your control cables aren’t loose. Keep an eye out for lose nuts and bolts and tighten them up if needed.

Secure your seat. You want your ride to be as comfortable as possible. And if you’re taking someone for a ride, of course you want them to enjoy it. So, before you roll, make sure the seat is secure and feels right for you both and you’ll avoid unnecessary stops for adjustments.

Everything good? Now it’s time to ride!

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