4 Smart Tips for Riding a Motorcycle at Night

Even if you never plan on riding your motorcycle after dark, it’s a good idea to be prepared and aware. Here are four great ways to help you see and be seen on the road at night.

Adjust your headlight. Don’t settle for the factory settings when it comes to the position of your bike’s headlights. Depending on your height and stature on your bike, you can easily optimize your range of vision. See if you can find a dark wall, aim your lights, and adjust until you can light up the wall from about a hundred yards away. Get out your tools and owner’s manual and you’re on your way.

Install a better tail light. Motorcycles come standard with tail lights, but more often than not, they’re dim and they burn out frequently. Newer bikes use LED lights, and just like the ones you install in your home, they last longer and provide better light. You should be able to find an LED option for any make and model, and installation won’t require a high level of skill.

Give your visor some TLC. A few scratches or smudges probably won’t bother you during the day, but at night they can impair your vision. Regularly repair any scratches with a car polish compound, and pack some rags and cleaning solution to take those bugs and other splotches out of the picture while you’re on the road.

Get night vision. This might sound futuristic, but we’re not joking. While it’s not full-on military style night vision, you can buy glasses and goggles that optimize the light at night while reducing glare. And if you want some James Bond-style actual night vision, the technology is coming by way of heads-up display helmets and even custom mods where riders are installing infrared lights and cameras to display on their GPS screens.

Of course, staying safe while riding your motorcycle at night involves much more than improvements you can make to your bike. Make sure to ride safe and smart no matter what time of day you’re on the road.

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