Urban Farming Tips

Have you been bitten by the urban agriculture bug? Today more and more people are interested in growing their own food and even raising a few animals in an urban setting. If you’re interested in city farming, the following tips may help get you started on the road to success.

Define urban farming. There are varying levels of urban farming and a broad definition range so it’s important to spell out what it means for you. Are you looking to create a community garden for others to use or are you interested in simply growing foods for you and your family. Maybe you want to have some hobby farm livestock and get involved with farmer’s markets. Whatever you want, write it down so you have a clear goal.

Research laws and regulations. Every area has different rules about what types of urban farming they allow. While your city may be okay with you having a few chickens, your homeowners association may not. It’s important to know exactly what is allowed before you begin.

Learn, learn, learn. Taking courses, researching, and reaching out to experts will help you develop an educated foundation for future successes.

Think outside your box. If you’d love to create an urban farm but live in an apartment with no green space, it’s time to get creative. Try finding groups that would be happy to participate in urban farming. Look to local government, private companies, churches, schools, or service organizations to see if you can partner with them and use their extra land.

Start small and grow. The best way to dive into any agricultural venture is to start small, journal about everything you do, and then grow as you learn what is most successful. There’s no reason to invest a lot in one crop only to find out it doesn’t grow well in your area. Along the same lines, don’t be afraid to try little growing experiments — you may be surprised at the results.

Love what you do. Farming is a wonderful way to celebrate the earth and share your hard work. There can be great joy found in every step of the process, so take pride in your new-found passion.

The final step is protecting your urban farm. You’ve invested a lot of yourself in this venture and you deserve committed support and peace of mind that it’ll always be protected. So connect with your American Family Insurance agent today to make sure you’ve got the insurance coverage you need.

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