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Using Alexa in Your Car

If you’ve dreamed of taking Amazon Alexa on the go, the time is at hand and it may be even better than you imagined. Amazon’s Echo Dot and Tap are both offering drivers a new level of convenience by putting Alexa in the passenger seat or, more likely, the cup holder.

Amazon Echo Dot in your car. Built-in connectivity in modern vehicles makes installation convenient and familiar. If you’re willing to give up one of your cup holders, the Echo Dot fits snugly inside and then responds to commands from any person in the car. With this technology you get access to your playlists, podcasts, quick updates and news — you can even check your to-do list without taking your eyes off the road. And, if you’ve got an Alexa connected home, you can send instructions back home to turn the temperature down or turn on the house lights when it gets dark. The one big downfall at this time is the navigation as it does not give you turn-by-turn instructions. It’s best to stick with your phone or GPS to get those audio cues so you can stay focused on your driving.

Amazon Tap in your car. The main differences between the Echo Dot and the Tap device is that the Tap is battery operated while the Echo Dot needs a wired connection and the Echo Dot is voice activated but the Tap requires a “tap” of a button. The benefit of having the battery operated Tap is that installation is easier with a later model vehicle or one that doesn’t have built-in connectivity. While Tap’s touch-to-talk functionality is theoretically as easy to instigate as pressing the power button on your car radio, it still doesn’t give you that hands-free convenience and safety that the Echo Dot has.

While both devices offer a greater level of convenience and can potentially give you a less distracted driving experience, they’re just in their infancy and are sure to evolve. The good news is that technology is moving toward giving you a hands free driving experience that keeps you connected and focused on the road! Early adopters can learn more about buying and using both devices on the Amazon website.

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