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On the Road

Traveling With a Baby 101

Your first adventure with your baby is an exciting time — introducing them to the world is one of the best ways to make memories as a family. Between the diapers, the tears, and the naps, hitting the road with your baby in tow has its speed bumps. That’s why we’re here to help you overcome those hurdles, so you and your baby have a pleasant ride — whether it’s across town or across the country.

Check in on the baby's car seat. One of the most important things you should do every time you buckle your baby into the car is to verify that your child's car safety seat is functioning correctly. Make an appointment to have it inspected periodically by a certified car seat installer at a local fire department or hospital. And be sure to review our guide on car seat safety to help ensure you're doing all you can to keep your little one safe on the road. 

Get organized. When you arrive at your destination, organize your space right away, that way, you’ll avoid a jumbled mess of baby staff. Designate a baby-changing station and stash your wipes, changing pad and diapers there. Then stock your kitchen area with bottles, dishes, baby food, and formula. If there’s no kitchen area, designate one with easy access to the sink. Lastly, put toys and books in a corner for a makeshift play space.

Plan meals. If your baby drinks formula, packing it can be tricky. Instead of packing the cylinders, fill plastic zipper-lock bags with the powdered formula to save precious space in your luggage. If suitcase space is an issue, order enough formula (or diapers!) for the trip online and have it shipped to your destination.

Nap smart. Planning your vacation around your baby’s nap schedule can be a bit of a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on how your baby sleeps, you’ve got options. If your baby snoozes in a stroller, car seat, or a baby carrier, pack one that will help them sleep while you do some sightseeing. Definitely a win-win! But, if your baby isn’t one for sleeping while on the road, schedule nap times back in the room and take advantage of some downtime with a good book or a midday siesta of your own!

Get your sleep. Babies are sticklers for routines, which can make bedtime in a strange place a bit hectic. If your baby will be in a portable travel crib, have them sleep in it for a few days before vacation so they can get a feel for it. While on vacation, try to stick to your routine that your baby is used to at home. Also keep in mind that babies aren’t fans of shifting time zones, so you might have to stay up a bit later or wake up earlier.

Remember, with a little prep work, vacationing with your baby can be an exciting experience for everyone. Keep these tips in mind during your next adventure and you’ll make memories you and your family can treasure forever.

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