6 Winter Car Checks to Winterize Your Vehicle

Driving in snow can put your driving smarts to the test! But once you know how to winterize your vehicle and prep your car for winter’s worst, you can hit the road on any adventure with peace of mind.

  1. Replace those tired tires. If you have snow tires for your car, put them on before the first snowfall. For those using all-season tires, make sure they’re properly inflated and have adequate tread with even wear.

  2. Get your car serviced. If your car is due for service, or there’s some nagging noise that’s been bothering you, stay proactive and get it checked out.

  3. Check your battery. Winter weather impacts battery performance, and if you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, battery power is very important. It’s a good to have a mechanic check the voltage, charging systems and belts.

  4. Keep it cool when it’s cold. It might seem counterintuitive, but coolant needs to be checked even in the winter. Preventing your coolant from freezing is an easy, proactive move you can make to stay on course and on the road.  

  5. Wipe away the worry. Make sure your wiper fluid reservoir is full. You’re probably going to use a lot of it over the winter, so check it often, keep it full and keep an extra jug on hand. In addition, make sure your wipers and window defrosters are in good, working condition.

  6. Chain reactions. Some mountain passes require chains during winter storms because they greatly aid in traction when driving in the snow. Before the snow falls, practice installing your chains so it’s an easier task when the weather demands more than winter tires. 

Once your car is winterized and ready to go and you’ve mastered your winter driving skills, snow will become your excuse to get out and achieve those winter dreams!

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