Your Best Car Emergency Kit

You know the feeling you get after studying for a test every day for a week? You can drive with that same confidence when carrying a well-stocked car emergency kit. It can get you back on the road to your dreams faster and keep you and your passengers safer.

Car Emergency Kit Must-Haves

Flashlight. Use it as a light for repairs, to read your owner’s manual or as a signal for other motorists. Check batteries every month or two. Hint: Pack a few extra batteries — they last longest when stored in cool places.    

Warning light, hazard triangle and/or flares. Warn other drivers to potential hazards in or near the road.

Jumper cables. It takes just a few moments to get a jump if you already have the cables in hand.

Duct tape. Everyone’s favorite short-term fix-it. Use it to secure up a dragging bumper, a cracked window or even a leaky hose.

Small tarp. Store it with your tire changing kit. It can provide a dry surface or rain cover.

Jack and lug wrench. They should already be part of your tire changing kit, but you might double check if you haven’t seen them for a while – especially before a road trip.

Spare fuses. Won’t you be relieved to have an extra fuse if you blow the one that runs your windshield wipers, interior lights or other essential car systems? Your owner’s manual can help you find your fuse box and tell you what type of fuses to use.

Car window breaking tool. Keep it on your key chain, in your glove box or center console to use to break a window if your car becomes submerged. Some flashlights even have them.

Tire pressure gauge. A quick check lets you know if your tires are inflated to the right level.

Basic tools. Philips head and flathead screwdrivers, wrench, pliers and socket wrench. A multi-tool device is also handy.

Basic fluids: Brake, coolant, oil, power steering. A store that carries them isn’t always handy when you need them!

Safety/first aid kit. Take a peek at our checklist of other must-haves for staying protected and pampered while on the road.

Your American Family Insurance agent is always there to help protect you. Ask yours about our Emergency Roadside Assistance for extra peace of mind while you’re traveling.

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