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A+ Back-to-school Tips

It’s every parent’s dream to have their kids thrive in the new school year. And it starts by being prepared before the school year even starts! With this handy outline, you can send your kids back to school with everything they need.

School Starts Before the Bell Rings

Schools have better online presences than ever, helping parents like you stay informed. Checking announcements early will help you avoid surprises, such as having school photo day sneak up on you.

School tours are typically available before the previous year ends. It’s never too early to begin planning. Learning how your child will be assigned a locker or storage area will give you a head start in getting them situated for the first day.

All Eyes On School Supplies

The school handbook will usually include a supplies list for the coming year. Shopping early will give your kids the pick of supplies, instead of supplies that have been picked over.

It’s a good idea to give backpacks and lunchboxes a thorough mid-summer inspection in case you want to get new ones or make any repairs.

One Week Out: Getting Into The Rhythm

As the countdown begins, get your kids back into their routine. Get them to bed as if it's a school night, and get them in the habit of waking up early so they're sleep schedules are ready for the school year.

Establishing an inbox for school forms, teacher notes and parent-signature notices will keep parents and kids on the same page.

Bookmarking school websites and noting schoolwork help sites like dictionaries and encyclopedias will make finding information fast, while liking the school's social media pages will keep notices coming your way.

Loading school office numbers and teacher email addresses into your smartphone will help you prepare in case you need to notify anyone of illness or absence.

Talking about the after-school routine with your kids will ease everyone’s mind. Our tips for safe after school routines can help too!

Preparing for the First Day Of School

Getting outfits laid out the night before can make the first day less hectic, and a pep talk about the promise of a new school year can set them on the right emotional path. A good night’s sleep makes the change in routine easier to adapt to. And, of course, deciding on where to take the first-day photo is a fun tradition the whole family can enjoy.

Back-to-school time marks the start of a new chapter. Stepping back from the surge of activity can let you enjoy the moment for what it is. You only get one first day per grade, per kid. Making each one something special is how you make memories that last.

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