6 Super air Travel Tips

Hopping on a plane to visit new places or connect with friends and family is exciting and fun. Whether you’re a frequent flier or an occasional air traveler, these steps can make your trip stress-free and more enjoyable.

Clever carry-ons. Consider using a soft carry-on bag for easier overhead storage. When packing, you can save space and avoid wrinkles by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. And, check out the airline’s carry-on policies in advance to avoid last-minute surprises at the airport.

Respect the scale. Planning on checking your bags? Weigh them ahead of time so they’re within the airline’s weight limits. Keep in mind that extra fees may be involved.

Get appy.  Smartphone apps like GateGuru and App in the Air put timely info at your fingertips, from security wait estimations to updates on flight delays and gate changes.

Prep your ride. It helps to schedule taxis, shuttles, and parking ahead of time. If you’re getting a ride from family or friends, keep them in the loop, just in case there are last-minute changes.

Be the early bird. It’s wise to get to the airport two hours prior to departure, so you can avoid possibly missing your flight due to long lines. Bonus: It’ll give you extra time to unwind and ease into the trip.

Set yourself apart. Make your luggage stand out with brightly colored stickers or tags, so you’ll be sure to grab the right one. It’s smart to put your name and cell number inside and outside your bags, so you can be easily reunited with your luggage if it's misplaced.

By following these suggestions in advance, your flight will be more fun and relaxing. Bon voyage!

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