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Fireworks Safety Tips

Few things are as inspiring as fireworks lighting up the summer sky — especially on the 4th of July. For many, fireworks are as much a part of summer celebrations as hot dogs on the grill. And like so many of the things that make summer great, a little preparation offers a whole lot of protection.

Light up the Night sky the Right way

Fireworks are all about good times. These safety tips will help everybody at the party have an absolute blast.

Supervise the celebration. Fireworks are fun, but keep in mind they aren’t toys and they shouldn’t be handled by kids. Supervision is one of the most important safety measures to take when using fireworks — even those as simple as a sparkler.

Surround check. Look around before you light ‘em up. Check to see that you’re a good safe distance from buildings, vehicles, and most importantly, people.

Pup protection. You’ve probably noticed that dogs aren’t big fans of fireworks. The loud noise scares the bark right out of them. It’s probably best to keep your furry friends in the house to protect them from the big bang.

Ready aim. It should go without saying, but pointing or throwing fireworks at family and friends is never a good idea. Just aim for the sky and watch the colors fly!

One at a time. Lighting one firework at a time can go a long way towards keeps things manageable and controlled.

Watch the eyes. Protect your eyes from the heat and potential sparks by wearing a good pair of safety glasses.

Water works. It’s a good idea to keep a bucket of water nearby and make sure you have easy access to a hose — just in case a wayward spark tries to start something.

Don’t do duds. If you’ve got a dud, don’t try to relight it. It could still be live. Wait a few minutes and then soak it in water before disposing of it. 

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