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Smart Halloween Safety Tips

As Halloween approaches, thrills and chills creep up around every corner. Both little ones and adults delight in the excitement of dressing up and getting treats. Our pandemic-smart Halloween tips and reminders help keep everyone safe and sound this season so you can focus on fun!

Halloween Costume Safety Tips

The costumes are the best part of Halloween — well, maybe the second best part after candy. But a poorly planned costume can actually be a health or safety hazard.

  • Check costumes to ensure that they’re flame retardant and that they allow for easy movement.
  • Adding reflective tape, glow sticks and flashlights to the ensemble adds multiple layers of security.
  • Costume masks can block breathing, vision and prevent safely using a protective face mask during a pandemic — try makeup instead. Just remember to do a patch skin test with the makeup a few days before the big night to test for allergies.

Trick-or-Treating Tips During a Pandemic

The group approach is always the best way to trick-or-treat — it’s also more fun with friends! But, during a pandemic, trick-or-treating might look a little different. If you plan to travel in a group that you haven’t been quarantined with, for instance, hopping house-to-house with social distancing in mind is a great way to stay healthy while trick-or-treating. Try to maintain six feet of space between you and other members of the party you’ll be out with. Let’s take a look at some more helpful tips for staying healthy and safe while trick-or-treating.

  • If the group is mainly little ones, then an adult should serve as chaperone.
  • If the kids are old enough to go without an adult, make sure they follow a pre-planned route and stick to homes or neighborhoods you know.
  • Stress the importance of crossing roads safely over and over again. Once those little goblins see treats across the street, the temptation to run is going to be huge.
  • Wash hands regularly, or keep hand sanitizer available to be used often as your trick-or-treaters will be in contact with candy wrapping passed from hand to hand.
  • Keep face masks on during trick-or-treating and avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with the inside of your elbow while not wearing protective face covering.
  • Trick-or-treating safety tips should be repeated every year, no matter how old your ghosts and goblins are — a refresher never hurts!
  • Before heading out to trick-or-treat during a pandemic, you may want to check with your local health officials for possible rules or requirements. For the safety of yourself and your community, be sure you’re following any guidelines put in place.

Tips for Handing Out Candy

If you’re in charge of doling out the goodies, you have a few responsibilities too.

  • Wear gloves when passing out candy or consider using a kitchen utensil to help distribute them without hand contact.
  • Create social distance markers of at least six feet apart leading up to your door.
  • October is an unpredictable month when it comes to weather. No matter if it snows, freezes or if there are slippery leaves on the walkway — it’s your job to make a clear and safe path for trick-or-treaters.
  • Traditionally, turning on the front light signals that you’ve got candy — so consider adding lights all the way to the door for safer passage.
  • Also, be sure your family pets are safely tucked away for the evening — for their safety as well as that of your spooky guests.
  • Replace all flames with electric candles for a safe, yet realistic effect.
  • When it comes to treats, store bought is best.
  • A teal pumpkin at your door lets others know you are handing out allergy-free treats.
  • If you’re willing to try something new, go the healthy route and hand out little toys, trinkets, coloring books or crayons instead.

Halloween Travel Tips

  • If you have to hit the roads on Halloween during a pandemic — use extra caution for everyone’s health and safety. When traveling through neighborhoods, use the utmost caution and drive slowly.
  • Avoid distracted driving by putting your devices away so you’re not even tempted to glance at them.
  • Since teens will likely be on the roads, reinforce good driving habits to help your teen drive better and be more alert than ever.
  • If you’re wearing a costume that restricts your movement or view, take it off for the ride. This also goes for passengers who have costumes that block the driver’s view.

Common-sense health and safety protocols, along with a little extra caution, go a long way toward creating the most spook-tacular Halloween ever! If you’d like even more protection, connect with your American Family Insurance agent to see how you’re protected by your homeowners insurance and if an umbrella policy might be for you.

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