Internet Smarts for Kids

Packed with endless information and resources, the internet is a great learning tool for kids – but it does come with risks.  Help your little ones get the most out of their screen time with these steps.

  1. Educate yourself. The more you know about the digital world the more knowledge you can pass on to your kids. Learn about what types of sites are safe and which ones pose risks, and study up on online etiquette – learning these basics is a great way to start.


  2. Set time limits. Monitor their use by setting rules on when and how long they’re are allowed to spend time with their screens. This way they’ll learn the importance of moderation and develop interests in other things too.


  3. Guide your child. Creating rules and making sure they stick to them is key to fostering a safe online experience. Here are some rules and guidelines to consider:
    • Computers and other devices can only be used in the public areas of your home
    • No social media until after homework is finished
    • Never give out personal information online like your phone number, address or current location
    • Never meet in person with anyone you “met” online
    • Always tell your parent if something you see online makes you uncomfortable
    • Do not download any software on your devices without checking with your parent first
    • Be open to communication with your parents about your online activity
  4. Practice what you preach. Putting these rules into place is easy – the hard part is following them yourself. Make sure you’re being a good role-model by limiting the amount of time you spend behind a screen and always practicing safe online behavior.

The internet is a great resource and using it responsibly is easier than you might think. Encourage your kids to keep these safety tips in their back pocket and feel confident that they’re getting the most out of their secure online experience.

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