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Making Your Photos Last

Your family photos are priceless. From your wedding portraits to your hilariously awkward middle school class pictures, snapshots capture life’s amazing memories in ways few other things can. And while nothing can replace them, these tips can help you protect them so they have the best chance of lasting for generations to come.

Handle with care: Hold pictures by their edges with clean hands — that way you don’t transfer oils and dirt onto the print. Never expose your photos to liquids, food, adhesives, smoke or extended sunlight. Hint — you might want to move Grandma Elsie’s portrait away from the window.

Double (or triple!) up: In addition to keeping your negatives, another good way to protect your collection is to make digital copies with a scanner (your local library likely has one). Be sure to copy any original handwriting on the backs of pictures too, in case you need to identify people, places or events in the future. Transfer these digital copies to a thumb drive or external hard drive and store it in a safety deposit box.

Store smart: No matter if the photos you’re storing are a century old or snapped last week, storing them properly is key. You can buy albums with archival sleeves and acid-free photo storage boxes from your local craft store, which will preserve photos and keep their condition from deteriorating. Instead of storing them in your attic or basement, keep these boxes in a dark location around 68 degrees Fahrenheit with 30 to 40 percent humidity.

Stay tech-savvy: After you store your photos in safe containers and make digital copies, think about uploading them to a photo storing service. Instead of digging through boxes and files in search of a specific photo, which may cause both damage and headaches, many services allow you to organize, tag, customize and print photos with ease. Check out services like Dropbox, Amazon Prime, and Apple iCloud — to name just a few.

Get peace of mind: We understand that the memories attached to some possessions are oftentimes more important than the item itself. Whether it’s your family photos and films, a violin that’s been in your family for centuries, or your grandmother’s wedding ring, our Scheduled Personal Property Coverage is designed to protect those heirlooms you treasure most.

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