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Preparing Your Home Before the New Baby Arrives

A baby on the way is an exciting time in your life. And with all of the excitement, remember to make sure your home is prepared for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. It may seem like there’s so much to get done that you don’t know where to start — but we’re here to help. Our baby prep to-do list will help you create a safe and healthy environment to bring your new arrival home to.

Prepare the Nursery for the Baby

Having your baby’s room sparkly clean will help to set your mind at ease. Get over to your local store to stock up on baby essentials. From picking up paint supplies to green cleaning products, make a list of what you’ll need to make your nursery your own.

Decorate the nursery now. If you have to paint or install any special items in the nursery, block out the time to get this done well before the baby arrives.

Wash everything. From bed sheets to blankets to the mattress pad, gather up all of the baby’s bedding and wash it in one load. Next, tackle the baby’s closet and be sure to wash onesies, shirts, pants and socks. You honestly can never have enough clean clothes! Babies are messy, and you’re going to need these stored and ready to roll.

Clean the crib. Use unscented baby wipes to remove the dust. Do the same to the mattress and pad. As infants mature into toddlers, the crib becomes a place to play and explore. Help keep their hands clean after they grip the crib rails.

Get Your Kitchen Baby Ready

Your kitchen is a great spot to get a head start on the cleaning, since it’s going to get a real workout in the coming months. Now’s the time to make sure the kitchen’s super clean and ready in every way for your new arrival.

Stock up the kitchen. Your time will be precious when that little one comes, and you’re probably not going to have the energy to cook between diapers, feedings and naps. Prepare meals that freeze well in advance so that heating and serving are all that’s necessary. Think about side dishes, too. Another great way to save time is to enroll in a grocery delivery service now. Make a small purchase to verify all’s well and you’ll only need to pop online to get the things you need.

Clean out the fridge. Get rid of old food, wipe down surfaces, and get a fresh, open box of baking soda to help keep odors down. You’ll need that extra room for stocking up the fridge.

Trash the wash rags. Kitchen sink wash rags are known to harbor bacteria. By simply making the move to dish sponges, you can reduce the amount of germs in and around your sink. Clean your sponges by placing them in the dishwasher frequently.

Sanitize the sink. Because the sink may double as a bathing station, you’re going to need to keep it sparkling clean! Today’s naturally-sourced green cleaning items are very effective and can do just as good a job as other more harsh products. You’re going to be washing your hands after changing diapers so get it as clean as can be now.

Clean the dishwasher. First, empty out the debris catch below the lower rack. Then, place a mug upright in the upper rack and pour vinegar into it so it’s ¾ full. Run the empty dishwasher on its hottest, steam-cleaning cycle and your dishwasher’s super clean. Remember to use that cycle when cleaning glass bottles to help sanitize them for your munchkin. Keep in mind — new dishwashers are more than 25% more efficient than older models. Take a look at our article about why upgrading your appliances may be the right call for your home.

Disinfect the disposal. Pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain, and follow that with a cup of white vinegar. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then turn on the disposal and run hot water for a minute. Clean it like this once each week.

Get on the floors. Soon enough that baby will be crawling around. You’re better off deep cleaning now while you still have the energy. Vacuum carpets and consider having them shampooed if they need it. Baby tummy time awaits! Sweep and mop the floors as well.

Wipe down the microwave. You’ll find the microwave will become a key player in the days and months after the baby comes home for warming up bottles and preparing frozen items. Wipe it down inside and out, and wash the rotating plate too.

Baby Bath Tub Tips

Next up is your baby’s bathtub. Take a look at the shower curtain and replace it if it’s a few years old or if mold is present. Even if you’ll be using an infant bath tub, your baby’s arrival will require that all those nooks and crannies are wiped down and disinfected.

Use pediatrician-approved green cleaning products. Often, pediatric seals of approval are stamped on products. Look for those items when shopping. More great tips on going green can be found in our article on making your home more eco-friendly.

Infant bath tubs and your kitchen sink. Having a place to wash the baby while you’re in a standing position can be a great way to bathe your baby. Wash out the baby’s bath tub and find an easily-accessible place to store it, stock washcloths, soap, diaper cream, diapers, wipes and a few changes of clothes in a nearby bin too.

Scrub the bathtub and shower. Sometimes it’s nice to bathe the baby in the tub. Make sure yours is sanitary by using a strong but natural cleaning agent to cut through the grime and get that tub squeaky clean.

Replace Your Furnace Filters

Keep the air in your home clean and breathe easier.

Check in with your HVAC. Replace your furnace filters, and swap these out on a regular basis. If you’ve got central air, you may be able to use your thermostat’s fan mode to filter air to remove impurities for the baby. Here are more great tips on furnace maintenance that homeowners shouldn’t be without.

Car Care and the Rear-Facing Car Seat

Getting things done ahead of time can be a real relief — especially if your baby should arrive ahead of schedule! Here’s a go-to list of things to get done in your car.

Detail the car. Clean out your car from top to bottom. Wipe down surfaces and windows inside and out. Vacuum up the dust and crumbs.

Install the infant car seat now. Fire departments and certain hospital staffers are certified for car seat installation, so seek them out to be sure it’s secured correctly. Our car seat safety guide can introduce you to everything you’ll need to know about keeping your child safe on the road.

Get a rear-mounted mirror. Because your baby is facing backwards, you’ll need a forward-facing mirror to see how the baby’s doing while in the car. These are typically mounted around the back seat’s headrest and make it possible to see your young one when looking through the rear-view mirror.

Prepare With Life Insurance

Now that your home is ready and the car’s cleaned up, it’s time to think about the future of your new arrival. Protecting what matters most is what American Family Life Insurance Company is all about. If you’re new to life insurance, now’s a great time to get a customized policy in place and be sure that your family has some financial protection in place. Contact your agent today. You’re going to feel great holding that baby in your arms, knowing that you’ve taken steps to protect everything you cherish. 

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