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What Can New Technology Do for You?

At home, in the car, wherever you are, new technology is always there — and the role it plays in your everyday life is growing. But with so many new gadgets hitting the store shelves every day, how do you know if any of these cool new tech tools are right for you and your family?

Let’s take a look at just some of the fresh tech out there right now — and how these connected contraptions can make life even better.

A Safer, Smarter Home

There’s a stack of internet-friendly products that can make your home smarter and safer. From Wi-Fi thermostats to security cameras, the connected possibilities are plentiful.

Ring™ Video Doorbell. This isn’t just another doorbell. This is high-tech home security. It uses video, motion detection and cloud recording so you can use your smartphone to always see who’s at your door, even when you’re not there.

Smart locks. Oops, forget to lock the doors before you left? No worries. Just grab your smartphone, open the app, and lock up the house. Now you can keep the bad guys out and let the right people in, from wherever you are.

Smart thermostats. These super-intelligent devices can learn your daily schedule, adjust the temp of specific rooms, and anticipate temperature needs based on the forecast. And it can all be done with your smartphone!

A Smoother Ride

By now we’ve all heard about the driverless car. (And many of us are still trying to figure out how they work!) But a vehicle that drives itself is just one of the amazing things happening right now in the auto world. Here are a few more:

Connected cars. Technology has always been focused on a vehicle’s inner workings. But now it has the ability to digitally connect your car to the outside world. Products like Verizon’s Hum and Navdy, keep you linked to the road, your destination, traffic reports, roadside assistance, and more.

Run-flat tires. A flat tire can bring a smooth ride to an abrupt stop. But not with these savvy road warriors! Now a flat simply triggers a red dashboard light, and the tire's structure provides an additional 50 miles at 50 mph to get you to a gas station. Hit the road, tire jack!

Collision-warning systems. Using lasers, radar and cameras, this lifesaver keeps an eye on all the things you don’t see coming — like other cars. If it sees something, it says something, at first with a simple beep or vibration. Then, if you don’t respond, it hits the brakes — and keeps you from hitting something else.

A Healthier, Happier You

Technology isn’t just stuff you can use to make the outside world a better place. It can help you feel better, too.

Fitness trackers. These wearable wonders are not only stylish, but can provide incredible insights into your overall health. Today’s trackers count daily steps and calories, monitor your sleep, even measure your sweat. And some have the ability to share all your data with your doctor. Talk about a healthy connection!

Emotion trackers. That’s right, technology has the power to track your moods. For example, there are bracelets and apps that can alert you when you’re under too much stress and provide healthy remedies, including guided meditation. It’s not just new technology — it’s new-age technology!

So the next time you’re wondering what new technology can do for you, take a quick look around. There are technological wonders everywhere — always ready to make the world a smarter, safer, healthier and happier, place to be.

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