Grow Green with Your Business

Running an eco-friendly business isn’t just ethical and environmentally sound ─ it can make you stand out from your competitors, too!

Try these green-inspired strategies to grow a smarter and more sustainable small business dream.

Stay committed. Approach your goal to be more eco-friendly authentically – not as a one-time marketing ploy. Make changes gradually, and let the results become a natural part of your business’ vision and values.

Listen closely. Tap into your team for ideas on how to make your daily operations more sustainable. Not only will you show your employees you care about their opinions – you’ll benefit from their hands-on insights.

Be critical. Take a close look at your materials, processes and products. Could you digitize more paperwork or records? Invest in more energy-efficient equipment? Changes like these make a big impact.

Grow green together. Consider offering a bonus to employees who carpool or bike to work. Or get your business involved with a community organization that supports your green values. Encourage others to join your sustainability journey and watch your small business grow.

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