Prevent Business Burglary

You’ve worked hard to grow your business dream. Stay proactive and keep everything you've worked for safe with 7 tips for preventing burglary.

  1. Lock It Up: Ensure exterior doors have deadbolt locks and are constructed of metal or solid-core hardwood. If you have glass doors, be sure they’re made of burglar-resistant glass.


  2. Reinforce Entry Points: Install bars, grills or grates over windows, skylights and HVAC openings.


  3. Secure the Perimeter: If it makes sense, install a fence around your property.


  4. Landscape with Care: Remove bushes or other landscaping around doors and windows to eliminate hiding places.


  5. Clear the Roof: Keep burglars off your roof by placing ladders, pallets, boxes and crates away from your building.


  6. Stay Bright: Light the inside and outside of your business around windows, skylights and roofs – especially at night.

  7. Sound the Alarm:  There are two basic types of alarms – audible and silent. An audible alarm sounds a siren or bell when a break-in is attempted. The sound removes the element of stealth and scares off an intruder. A silent alarm sends a signal to an offsite location, enabling private security or law enforcement to respond and catch the burglar in the act.

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