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Support for Your Dreams

10 Career-Enhancing Videos

Whether you’re just entering the work world or only a few months short of retirement, there’s always room to better yourself and create a professional path you’re excited to pursue. But where do you begin? Thanks to American Family Insurance’s DreamBank, we have resources for every type of dream — including career-building ones! We’ve pulled together this list of our favorite videos specifically created to help you achieve your professional aspirations.

Ready to grow in your career? Get comfortable, grab a notepad and pen (maybe a snack, too!) and enjoy these ten career-enhancing videos for your professional dream pursuit.

Finding the Right Job for You

Step one of professional development is getting into the right profession! These job hunting and hiring resources are designed to help you navigate the job market and find a career uniquely fit for you.

1. Launch Your Dream Job Search with Nikki Ryberg

Want to start your dream job hunt but aren’t sure where to begin? Join local career coach, Nikki Ryberg, in an online workshop to learn practical resume and job search tips to help you land your dream job. By the end of this video, you’ll be equipped with tips, tricks and shortcuts to find a job perfect for you in the modern market. Plus, you’ll get some take-home materials, like a resume cheat sheet and networking contact guide to help speed up the process.

2. Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile NOW! with Clarene Mitchell
Whether you’re a college student, job seeker, entrepreneur, professional or executive — you can benefit from having a LinkedIn profile that authentically represents you. In this workshop, Clarene Mitchell, owner of TCM Communications, will guide you through the process of creating an all-star LinkedIn profile. These step-by-step guidelines will help you and your LinkedIn account shine!

3. Ace Your Next Salary Negotiation with Ashley Quinto Powell

Salary negotiation can be intimidating, but it's an essential aspect of having the funds necessary to support your dreams. In this engaging online presentation, you'll learn what to say, how to say it and determine your worth, while preserving a healthy working relationship with your company. Ashley Quinto Powell is a salary negotiation coach who has helped hundreds of people confidently and collaboratively negotiate salaries with current and prospective employers.

Navigating Your Career Path

Found a job that’s the right fit? Your work doesn’t end there! Whether you’re working on mastering your role or hustling for a promotion, there’s plenty of professional development to be done. Check out this video to help you reach new heights in your career trajectory.

4. Building Your Personal Brand While Working for Theirs with DP Knudten

Personal branding is an absolute must for any professional who wants to build a future-proof career — but how can you do that while working under a corporate umbrella brand without confusing clients, stepping on marketing department toes or leaving opportunity on the table? DP Knudten, author, speaker and social media and branding expert, will show you how to have your corporate brand cake and eat it personally, too. Watch now for a fast, fun and example-filled online presentation.

Bringing & Being Your Best Self at Work

Now that you’ve landed your dream job, how can you get your best work done while maintaining a healthy work-life balance? These videos will help you work smarter and take care of yourself while you climb the career ladder.

5. Work Style Insight for You and Your Team with Chris Kann

Do you know your communication style at work? Can you identify the work style of others? Join coach and business owner, Chris Kann, for a unique, interactive workshop that will help you understand your work style and others. With this information, you can be prepared to be an effective leader, as you help others navigate through miscommunications or conflicts.

6. Take Back Your Time: Getting What You Want (and Need) at Work:

The ability to say no to yourself and others is one of the clearest expressions of a good boundary. Join certified business and leadership coach, Laura Gmeinder, to learn how to prioritize and maximize your day to say yes to what serves you. Give yourself a break, give up the guilt and take back your time.

7. Banish Burnout: Practical Strategies to Reignite your Work and Life with Bob Proudfit

Anyone at any time can feel burnout. However, left unchecked, burnout can have serious consequences for your career, relationships and health. To break free from work fatigue for good, you'll need more than just abstract theories or well-meaning advice — you need a strategy. Personal success coach, Bob Proudfit, will walk you through a personalized strategy and a toolbox full of practical tools to start using immediately to escape burnout. Join us to learn how to take back control of your time, your energy and your life!

8. Emotional Wellness in the Workplace

Life can be full of challenges. How we cope with these challenges is directly tied to our emotional wellness. Those who are emotionally sound can tend to feel more in control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. While it can sometimes be forgotten or deprioritized, your well-being, especially in the workplace, is crucial for a happy life in and out of the office.

Join The Perk’s Leah Roe, business coach and remote work expert, for a quick, yet effective, discussion on emotional wellness in the workplace. Learn what emotional intelligence is, why it’s imperative during times of change and how to foster a focus on emotional wellness in your workplace.

Videos to Enhance Your Work Atmosphere

Whether you own your own business, are a leader in the workplace or work as an individual contributor, you have the power to make a difference! Here are some ways to create a more inclusive, healthy work atmosphere for you and everyone you work with.

9. Advocating for Anti-Racist Workspaces with Deborah Biddle

Creating and supporting teams with diverse skills, knowledge, backgrounds and experiences are essential to developing vibrant workplaces where people and their journeys are valued and talents are leveraged. Unfortunately, workplaces where racism continues to disrupt employee engagement, belonging, collaboration, innovation and productivity still exist. Thankfully, with time and intention, organizations, like individuals, can evolve to become anti-racist. Join consultant Deborah Biddle to explore evaluative tools to determine how racism shows up in your organization and how to combat these issues. From decision-making and budgeting to accountability and power, you’ll have a chance to think about your work environment and learn ways to advocate for the change necessary to transform individuals, teams and organizations.

10. Diversity and Inclusion: Measuring the Impact with Deborah Biddle

“What gets measured, gets done,” is a business adage that is particularly relevant in the realm of diversity and inclusion. Without clear and robust measures to track efforts and outcomes, it can be difficult to maintain inclusive excellence and standards. Metrics help employers committed to making a change stay on track and accountable. Join Deborah Biddle to learn about diversity and inclusion metrics you can use to identify risk areas, prioritize initiatives, set targets and program goals, assign accountability and measure the impact of initiatives in your organization.