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How to Awaken Your Inner Change Agent

Does your dream involve working towards a better world?

Whether you’re passionate about equality, animal welfare, education, the environment, or another amazing cause, creating widespread change starts with embracing this simple idea: You are a change agent.

But what does that even mean? Community change activist, Sara Alvarado, explains.

“If you’re a change agent, you are passionate and determined. Your heart is enormous. You are persistent. You use your voice and share your work. You regularly ponder creative ideas to make the world a better place. You are the one to activate a new idea. You push the envelope.”

Sound like you? Follow in Sara’s footsteps to begin your journey as a change agent — and pursue your dream of making a real, tangible difference in the world.

Clarify your passion. You may already have a clear vision of your true passion, but if you don’t, it’s time to determine what you truly care about.

“What articles, points of view or news clips get your attention and tug at your heart? That’s where you want to get curious,” says Sara. “Being clear with yourself is the first step.”

Find your team. So your passion is clear and you’re ready to go! But you can’t do it all alone.

“The beauty of being a change agent is that there is a tribe out there with similar passions and determination, and it’s easy to connect with each other. Who are the people that see the world the way you do? Those are the people that you want to run with. Your team will support you and stand up for you. Lean on them and allow them to lean on you.”

Master your medium. Passions? Check. Team? Check. Now how do you start with the whole making a difference part? Deciding what platform to use is a good start.

“How do you prefer to share your message, knowledge and passion with the world? Maybe you like organizing small groups for challenging discussions or planning large events for fundraising. It might be that engaging in one-on-one conversation with neighbors is your sweet spot. Once you identify your preferred medium, put your full energy into it.”

Nix the naysayers. “When you are out there sharing your passion authentically, people are going to misunderstand, disagree — even criticize you. It’s all part of being a change agent. It won’t always be easy, and sometimes it will hurt. But, you can either allow the hurt to wash through you, or you can choose to move through it and leave it behind.”

The best part about pursuing your dream as a change agent? The chance to grow yourself as a dreamer.

“The best thing that has come out of my community work is realizing what I bring to the table,” says Sara. “Each project I’ve worked on has given me true, unshakable insight into who I am.”

Want more tips and motivation? Join the dream movement today — we’ve got just the resources to help support and guide you and your family along any dream pursuit.

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