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Downloadable Journal: Build Your Dream

What exactly is a dream builder journal? You might think it’s just like any standard notebook you’d find at your local office supply store, but it’s so much more than that. This dream builder journal is created specifically for dreamers — like you!


But what if you don’t consider yourself a dreamer That’s okay! Curiosity and an open mind are all you need to get started. This inspiring activity book will guide you through the discovery, definition and creation of your dream, helping you uncover your dreaming potential!


Okay, but what’ is actually in a dream builder journal? This interactive notebook has it all. You’ll use both sides of your brain when completing this journal! From coloring sheets that will help clear your mind to questions designed to spur critical thinking about how you can overcome obstacles in your path, this journal will guide you towards self-discovery. It’s packed full of activities that help you analyze your present being and imagine your future self.

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Does this actually work? Journaling has many known real-life benefits backed by research. Studies show that writing down your goals and aspirations (especially when you journal them vividly) result in a higher likelihood of accomplishing those dreams. So, long story short, yes, journaling can help you conquer your dreams.

Can I share this with other people? Absolutely! Being a dream champion means supporting others in their dream pursuits as well. Send this article to your friends and family so you can motivate each other and complete it together.

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