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How to Carve Your Own Path to Success with Quentin Allums

Quentin Allums, or just Q, certainly knows how to get businesses on the right track to success. As CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures, a video company that helps build company and personal brands, he understands the importance of bringing your authentic self to the forefront of your business to create success.

Success looks different to everyone, so it should not come as a surprise that your path to success is unlike any other. However, there are a couple key points in your journey to reach your goals.

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    Quentin Allums, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Misfit Ventures: So, the first tip is building and leveraging your network.

    You don't just go to that network when you need a job. You don't just go to that network when you need an introduction. You're always bringing value, and you're getting that value in return when you need it.

    And just an action tip.

    Go through your network, whether that's on social media, or email, or text. Whatever that may be, just leave a thoughtful message for 10 to 15 people a day.

    It's going to go a long way.

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Carve Your Own Path to Success:

  1. Build a Personal Brand

    Be Different! Your brand should be as unique as you are and reflect in every business decision. Building your brand and creating success in your life takes time and conscious thought. Take the time to figure out how you want consumers to see and feel about your brand. When consumers have a clear understanding of your brand, it creates a connection that garners loyalty and builds trust.

  2. Utilize Your Network

    Bring value to your network. Utilize your network daily and make these touch points feel authentic. Ensure you are creating a network that goes beyond a contact list and make them genuine connections. Instead of reaching out to your network when you need something, offer advice or service that brings value to them daily. When you are a quality connection to someone, they will often return the favor to you. Forming valuable relationships within your network will lead you towards a path to success.

  3. Stack Your Skills

    Know where your strengths lay. List three to five skills or passions you have and find where the common denominator is among those passions. Leverage this overall skill to launch your business into a success. For example, maybe your overall skill is communication. How can you leverage your ability to eloquently deliver a message in the digital sphere, in meetings or in-person? Honing-in on your skills will help you find success in your own way.

just Q is 26 and has three businesses under his belt. His first two businesses were short-lived, but the lessons they taught him were invaluable. To fail is not to give up, to fail is to learn. While these tips just Q gained from his experiences work for him, they might be different for you! Take the tips you learned here and make changes as needed to suit your needs.

Ready to Carve Your Path to Success?

At American Family Insurance, we're ready to help you dream fearlessly and find success in your life. Check out more articles on how to support your dreams.

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