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Happy Mothers Day from American Family Insurance

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate mothers and mother figures who face adversity head on and don’t let fear get in the way. We thank you for standing strong as our role model and being our shoulder to lean on. There are a thousand ways to be a great mother — but what unites them all is their power to be a shining light that helps reveal the path to pursuing our own fearless dreams.

Join us as we celebrate mothers and mother figures who protect our dreams while still reaching for their own.

To Moms Everywhere

With the help of our American Family brand ambassadors, we’d like to say thank you to all the mothers and mother figures who are a rock and support system for their fearless dreamers.

Inspirational Resources for Moms

Are you a mom or mother figure? Maybe you’re honoring one! Whatever the case, we’ve put together some great resources filled with inspiration, tips for time management and more! Share these with you mom, mother figures or anyone you’re honoring for Mother’s Day.

6 Celebration Ideas for When You Can’t Be Together

Whether you’re unable to travel or practicing social distancing, there are still ways you can celebrate with your loved ones! Discover ideas for celebrating together with friends and family — even when you find yourself apart.

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Connecting at the Dinner Table

Quality time, good conversation and delicious food in your belly — there’s something special about sitting down at the dinner table with family. From cooking together to conversation starters, check out our tips for how you can make the most of dinner time. (Bonus: It’s perfect for livening up conversation at Mother’s Day brunch, too!

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Balancing Babies & Big Dreams

Having kids is a rewarding experience! But it also means you’ve got less time to pursue your personal dreams. Check out these expert tips and find the perfect balance between having a family and making time for your passion.

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Create Work-Life Balance in 4 Simple Steps

We understand — it’s a lot to try and balance work, family, friends and “me” time. But it’s important to find a happy medium in life. And we’ve got some advice that’ll help! Learn more and discover your version of work-life balance today.

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Simple Ways to Give Your Brain a Break

When you’re hard at work taking care of a family or pursuing a dream, it’s common to get a little overwhelmed. And that’s okay! But it’s important to take the time to step away from your responsibilities and unwind. Check out these seven healthy ways to give your brain a break.

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Resources for a Happy & Healthy Family

Looking for more ways to spend quality time with your family? From making chores fun and other activities to at-home safety tips and much more, we have a variety of resources you can check out to keep your family safe, happy and healthy!

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