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Pave a New Path: How to Walk Boldly Towards Your Dream

  1. NARRATOR: Dreams. People always talk about how important it is to have them. But for a lot of us, it can be difficult to know what the dreams are. Or, whether we should even pursue them.

    NARRATOR: Oh my gosh, you brought my coat! That is fantastic! Oh yeah, I could totally pull that off.


    NARRATOR: For Britton Murdock Nunn, owner of The Biggest Little Fashion Truck in Reno, it took some digging to figure out what her dream really was.

    On screen: Britton Murdock Nunn, The Biggest Little Fashion Truck, Owner

    BRITTON MURDOCK NUNN: Perfect! The fashion truck looks and operates very similar to a food truck. Except for we sell women's trendy clothing. So we pop up around town, we are mobile, and we do pop ups essentially — just like a food truck would.

    NARRATOR: You didn't go to school for having a fashion truck, right? What is your history?

    - (Britton) My grandparents owned Murdock's clothing store. My great-grandparents did, passed it down to my grandparents. That's how my dad grew up ...working the store.

    NARRATOR: That was a department store here?

    BRITTON MURDOCK NUNN: It was in Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe. And no one wanted to keep the family business going. And I just remember it was something that I would really want to do when I was older. But I didn't really know how to go about it. And I was really focused on playing sports and getting a scholarship, and that was my main focus at the time. But I always knew that I wanted to do something like that.

    NARRATOR: It took time for Britton to get clear on the dream. She had to look for clues from her past, and ask herself some big questions.

    BRITTON MURDOCK NUNN: When I was playing, I had my teammates and I started helping them find clothes that they felt good in and it was that moment that I realized I really am addicted to helping people feel good about themselves. So clothing is just one of the ways that you can feel confident and good about yourself and so I literally used the truck as my vehicle to help people feel good.

    Something within me just really drove this dream of mine, and I still have it! It's like a fire inside of me. It's been a lot, but its been so rewarding. I get emotional even just thinking about it, because I've truly put my heart and soul into it.

    NARRATOR: I like The Biggest Little Fashion Truck. It's this awesome, pink, four-wheeled reminder that dreams matter and they're worth pursuing. I hope Britton's story inspires you to look for some clues from your past. To ask yourself, what do you love doing? What makes you happy? And then I hope you try some things on, and find some dreams that are the perfect fit for you.


Changing your career or pursuing a new dream can be a scary thing! Especially if you’re already a ways down your current path. After all, you’ve put time and money, sweat and tears into your reality. And switching paths now can feel risky. But guess what? It’s worth it.

Take it from Britton Murdock, founder and dreamer behind the Biggest Little Fashion Truck. Britton put years into her education and landed a god job in sports administration. But she felt something was missing — she just wasn’t happy on the path she’d chosen. So she decided to switch directions and open up her mobile clothing shop instead.

“It wasn’t easy straying from what was considered a good, steady and reliable job,” says Britton. “But I wasn’t happy and I wanted to make a change. I started to really dive into the things that I loved, two of which are helping people feel good and clothing/fashion. From there I had my sights set on a fashion truck!”

When you see how far Britton’s come and see her business in action, it seems to have all come so naturally to her. But her journey has not been as easy as it may seem, and she’s faced a lot of challenges and gained great insight along the way that just might help you think differently about jump-starting a new dream.

Ready to pave a new path? Take her advice.

Do your research. A blind leap of faith isn’t really the right way to go when you’re considering a big life change. In fact, steer away from the dramatic and do your research before making any big decisions! Educate yourself on what you’re getting into, what the challenges may be and have somewhat of a plan. You don’t need to (and most definitely won’t) have all the details worked out, but you should be prepared and confident before you begin.

“I did a ton of research to see just how I could get my dream off the ground,” explains Britton. “It wasn’t a knee jerk decision to quit my job, it was a long process. And this helped me find the confidence to make the leap.”

Embrace the opportunity to grow. Whether you succeed or fail in your new venture, one thing is for certain — you’ll grow along the way. Because when you challenge yourself to do new things, you’re forced to think in different ways and go through different experiences. Embrace that opportunity!

“Starting the Biggest Little Fashion Truck has been extremely rewarding from a self-growth perspective,” shares Britton. “This business has pushed me in so many ways. I have overcome obstacles and achieved personal goals I have only ever dreamed of! If anything, this business has given me a new outlook on what I’m capable of, made me extremely grateful and allows me to feel fulfilled.”

Adapt to the challenges. There’s no question about it — when you try something new, you’ll run into obstacles and you’ll fail from time to time. We’re not perfect! And many factors are out of our control. When Britton faces challenges with her business, her solution is not to give up. Instead, it’s to adapt to the changes and look for innovative solutions to each and every problem, all the while believing in her ability to succeed.

“When I thought that my business was failing, I really stripped it down to a business gritty attitude fueled by a belief in what I was doing,” says Britton. “I worked my butt off to find new ways to create revenue. It sparked me to think of original ideas to better serve my customers. I believed in what I was doing and my passion came through.”

Let your passion take center stage. Speaking of, there is no success without passion. So never lose sight of yours! If you love what you’re doing and use that as the fuel for this new dream, others will recognize and buy into it, and you may just get some much needed support that keeps your dream booming.

“I love helping people feel good and confident through clothing,” shares Britton. “And when I when I was first starting and I’d tell people about it, they’d usually say, ‘good for you! I can definitely see you doing that.’ The support along the way has been amazing. I thought I was in this alone, but the outpouring and consistent support has been motivating and encouraging. And here I am today.”

Finally, if you’re unhappy with where life has taken you so far and feel inspired by Britton’s story, consider her advice. Because now is the time to, “walk boldly in the direction of your dream.”

Need even more support? We’re here to help! Join the dream movement today — we’ve got just the resources to motivate and guide you along any dream pursuit!

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