Here’s Why You Need ‘More Cowbell’ in Your Life

In the early 2000s, a comedy skit turned the phrase “more cowbell” into a cultural phenomenon. And although it’s considered comedy gold, it’s also a good metaphor for looking at things from a different perspective.

According to Jason Kotecki, founder of Escape Adulthood we all could use a bit more cowbell in our lives. What does that mean? Take a look at Jason’s advice centered around seeing with new eyes, and identifying your unique opportunity. You’ll feel inspired to look at your dream from a different angle.

Jason shared three ways to find your cowbell:

    1. Turn Trash into Treasure

    Reusing items to create something new is great for your creativity and the environment! Reduce waste by finding multiple uses for things. For example, a mason jar can store food, hold plants or work as a trendy centerpiece.

    2. Make Something Old New Again

    Take a look at the items in your attic or basement with a fresh set of eyes. Could a coat of paint or polish breathe new life into it?

    3. Solve a Problem

    A problem is a chance to provide a solution — look to be the solution when problems arise. Turning a negative into an opportunity is finding the cowbell.

Sometimes the best remedy to Adultitis is finding the excitement in what is already around you. Discovering the cowbell in your life is seeking the adventure in the world around you.

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