Life Insurance Helps You Plan for Final Expenses

Planning ahead is always a good idea, especially when it comes to final expenses, otherwise known as funeral costs. We tend to shy away from, or even ignore the subject altogether. But planning now can lift a huge financial burden off the shoulders of loved ones during an already stressful time. Especially since even a modest funeral can easily cost several thousand dollars.

Use a Pinch of Life Insurance to pay for Final Expenses

With a little help from your American Family Insurance agent, you can remove that financial burden completely with a simple policy that covers final expenses such as funeral home costs, casket, service and burial. It’s a great way make a difficult time easier and more worry-free for everyone involved.

Be Sure to let Your Family Know!

Once you get a final expenses policy, make sure you let your family members and friends know about it. Keep the insurance info in a safe place, like in a safety deposit box, in a clearly-labeled file (paper or electronic), or with your will. You can also give a copy of the policy to a family member or friend for safekeeping.

Make Final Expenses Part of Your Whole Life Insurance Plan

If you already own life insurance a good option is to bump up the benefit by 10 or 15 thousand dollars just for final expenses (which allows for inflation.) Your insurance agent can put a note in your policy to let beneficiaries know you’ve set money aside specifically to pay these costs.

Final expenses, while in the distant future, are nonetheless inevitable. By planning ahead, you’ll be doing yourself and your loved ones a favor. And with help from an American Family Insurance agentyou’ll be able to dream bigger every year knowing you’re prepared for whatever’s to come.

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