Avoid Paper Billing Fees — Go Paperless!

At American Family Insurance, we’re dedicated to protecting what matters most — and we know that goes beyond insurance. We believe our communities deserve healthy environments to pursue their dreams, which is why we’re taking steps to reduce our footprint by rewarding our customers when they go paperless.

Here’s the deal — one of our goals as a company is to divert 90% of our waste away from landfills, but we can’t do that without your help! So we’re encouraging you to sign up to receive and pay your bills electronically. Not only can you earn a discount for going paperless, but you’ll avoid the $5.00 fee that's applied when you pay less than your full account balance on your paper billing statement.

Not to mention, with paperless billing, you’ll enjoy the convenience of My Account, where you can view your policies, manage your bills, access instant proof of insurance and review your claims — all from one convenient location.

Ready to go paperless? Here are your options:

1. Create a My Account and register to receive and pay your bills electronically by:

  • Setting up automatic payments; or
  • Scheduling one-time electronic payments

2. Connect with your agent to set up Automated Funds Transfer (AFT); or

3. Pay the account balance in full

Remember, if you receive paper billing statements and pay less than your full account balance, your fee will increase to $5.00 on your next bill.

Looking for more ways to save on your insurance? It pays to pay in full. Earn a discount when you pay your policy in full at time of purchase!

Connect with your American Family agent to better understand your options. They’ll help clear up any questions you may have about going paperless or why a fee is applied.

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