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5 Steps to a Safer Retail Store

Your retail store is more than just a source of income, it’s your livelihood and the business you’ve worked so hard to grow. And we’re working right alongside you. From providing you with the right insurance to making sure you’re financially protected, we’re always watching out for you and your dream.

We’re focused on making sure your business, along with your customers and employees are as safe as they can be. Read our list for ideas on how to keep your store, and the people in it, safe.

Do a Safety Sweep

Check your store for any potential fire hazards, including exposed wires, improperly stored materials, or anything combustible near a heat source. Keep all exits clear and have a fire evacuation plan in place.

Make Sure it's Kid-friendly

Walk through your store and think like a kid. Pay special attention to your displays — do any of them look top-heavy? Are all heavy items placed near the ground, and secured from tipping over? And always be on the lookout for any sharp or dangerous objects that an unsupervised child could get into.

Consider Your Lighting

Bright lighting helps shoppers easily navigate your store easily and discourages sticky-finger situations. Adequate lighting in the stock room helps keep employees safe. And the right lighting outside the front door can deter crime.

Have a Disaster Plan

If your store is at risk of a natural disaster, know what to do. If the area is susceptible to tornados, have a designated area to take shelter, preferably in an underground room. If you’re in earthquake territory, don’t store heavy items in high places. And again, always have a plan in place for safe evacuation.

Train Your Employees

Your employees are some of your best safety ambassadors. Basic first aid and CPR training, and natural disaster planning are excellent ways to keep both your customers and employees safe and sound.

You’re taking the right steps by being proactive when it comes to your retail business’s safety. Want more insight on how we can protect you and your business dream? Your American Family agent would be happy to walk you through your options.

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