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8 Steps to a Safer Warehouse

When it comes to creating a happy, healthy and vibrant workplace, safety plays a key role. Maintaining a safe workspace helps prevent injuries, improves productivity and boosts employee morale.

So, if your small business includes industrial workspaces like factories, warehouses or manufacturing plants, these eight easy steps will help you think safety first — and keep your business dreams thriving.

Keep floors clean. Slips, trips and falls are never good. Make sure your staff feels comfortable moving around the warehouse floor by keeping it clean and dry. This means putting a cleaning protocol in place in case of oil or grease spills and maybe even installing anti-slip flooring in high-traffic areas.

Clear the clutter. Less stuff means more space to move around and be productive. So make sure you’ve got an organized system in place. And, if you need more storage, consider building up instead of out to maximize your workspace.

Secure your storage. If you install storage shelves for organization, make sure you do so safely. Avoid injuries caused by falling items by storing heavier objects near the bottom, installing netting or chains to secure items up high and posting warning signs to notify employees of potential risks.

Beware of dust. Did you know that dust accumulation can be a major explosion hazard? Avoid the dangers of dust by regularly cleaning all nooks and crannies of your space using industrial vacuums or power washers. Enlist the help of your staff to make it a team effort!

Be fire smart. Potential fire hazards are a big safety concern for any business. So keep these fire safety tips top of mind:

  • Dispose of all combustible materials in a metal receptacle stored away from any ignition sources.
  • Keep doorways and exits free of obstructions.
  • Report any electrical hazards and let a professional make repairs.
  • Should clothes be contaminated with flammable liquids, have your employee change and wash or dispose of affected items.
  • Educate your staff on a fire evacuation plan in case of the unexpected.

Get equipped. You wouldn’t want an employee getting injured when the right gear could’ve prevented it. So equip your staff with the right clothing and gear — think closed-toed shoes, safety glasses, hard hats, etc. Safety starts by being proactive!

Write it down. You’ve put some safety and housekeeping rules together — great! Now make sure they’re written down and given to employees so they know what’s expected and what you’re doing to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

Make it a team effort. Your staff is more likely to make safety a priority if they’re included in the decisions and basic housekeeping tasks. Hold weekly meetings to go over any potential hazards, new protocol or assign cleaning tasks for the week. Your workers will appreciate your dedication and will likely work harder to keep the warehouse up to your standards. Win-win!

Taking these steps to start and maintain a safety plan for your warehouse is a great idea! And, with the help of your hard-working staff, it’s easier than you might think.

Want to keep the workplace safety ideas flowing? Check out this safety checklist.

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