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How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

5 tips for building effective landing pages that sell.

You’ve worked diligently and poured your hard-earned money into an intriguing, creative, informative website for your business. Yet there may be times your site isn’t producing the sales you’d like to have. Not to worry! A landing page could be the sales impetus that you need.

A landing page is a targeted website that is designed to get visitors to take a specific action. “Consumers have a short attention span and you don’t want to overload them,” says Seun Ajanwachuku, founder and CEO of GVATE LLC, a New York-based lead generation and SEO firm. “A landing page makes it easier to convey information. It’s easier to digest.”

While a landing page can be a part of your business’s overall website, it shouldn’t provide the same breadth of company data as the other sections of your site. Instead, it should give visitors the information and motivation they need to take an action, whether it’s making a purchase, downloading an e-book or providing you with their contact information for a future sales pitch.

If you want your website to be a pipeline for sales, here are five steps toward creating a landing page that converts.

Capture customers’ interest with a video. Create a compelling 30- to 60-second videohighlighting what your company offers. “This is an emotional trigger to catch the consumer’s attention,” says Ajanwachuku. “If it’s interesting enough, people might also share it on social media.” According to a white paper by the video advertising company Eyeview, a video advertising company, featuring videos on landing pages and home pages can increase conversion by 80 percent.

Gain their trust with a little background.“When you meet someone for the first time, you ask, ‘What is your name?’ and ‘What do you do?’” says Ajanwachuku. Your landing page should convey that information. Ajanwachuku suggests sharing an interesting story. Your overview should provide pertinent information about your company while being thought-provoking.

Prove that your product or service works. Customers are looking for reputable companies they can trust. Your current clients can make the case for your business. “Have three to four in-depth testimonials or reviews that are about a paragraph in length,” Ajanwachuku suggests.

Show customers they are getting a deal. Offer a discount or let people download something for free if they provide their contact information. Not only do you get people’s attention with a freebie, but you’ll generate some nice sales and marketing leads. It’s a win-win!

Feature calls-to-action. In a prominent location, display a short statement that will motivate consumers to take immediate action. Some suggestions include “Get Started Today,” “Start Now” and “Request a Demo.” “If you don’t tell people what to do, they won’t act,” advises Ajanwachuku.

Your website is part of your overall marketing strategy, but a landing page can be a gateway to sales. “If done right, the end result will be a continuous and steady growth of your business,” says Ajanwachuku.

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