Fight the Office Flu

Your employees aren’t just work mates — they play a big role in keeping your business dreams on track! Return the favor by using our handy list to fend off the flu in your office space, and keep your team healthy, productive and profitable all year long.  

Call the shots. Whether you organize a flu clinic in your office or send reminders to your employees to get vaccinated, make sure flu shots are easily accessible in the fall months leading up to flu season.

Amp up your arsenal. Stock up on germ-fighting disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer! Wiping down traffic-heavy surfaces, doorknobs, copiers and computers on a regular basis can prevent a lot of work-place sickness.

Support your sick policy. Encourage your employees with flu symptoms to go home, and remind them it’s okay to use their sick days when ill or caring for a loved one. Health comes before work!

Lead the charge. Show your own dedication to a healthy work environment by washing your hands, offering to help clean the office, and staying home when you’re sick.

Step up as a healthy role model. Your team will thank you!

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