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Building a Winning Remote Marketing Team

Follow the top 5 keys to remote marketing success.

Building a remote sales team is an innovative, efficient way to supercharge your business’s sales strategy.

But it takes careful planning to ensure your virtual sales team has the right mix of know-how, communication skills and drive to help you achieve your business goals.

“You’ve got to have people who are smart about your business [and] your products,” says Colleen Stanley, president and founder of SalesLeadership, a sales strategy and execution firm.

The good news is you don’t have to leave that to chance. Here are key “personas” to look for and cultivate when building a successful remote sales team.

Quality: A Self-Starter

Training Tip: “Hire people who can ‘figure it out,’” says Stanley. During interviews, ask candidates about a time when they had to accomplish a project without guidance, support or resources. Small companies with high growth need virtual players who can think for themselves instead of waiting for a to-do list. Bring out the self-starters in your remote sales staff by assigning a small project, having team members run weekly check-in calls, and track goals that can be incorporated into a reward system. This helps build confidence and accountability that can translate into achievable wins.

Quality: A Self-Actualizer

Training Tip: Seek self-actualizers who are on a journey of personal and professional improvement. Keep your virtual staff sharp by asking about the latest business book or newspaper they’ve read. The purpose is to increase the team’s collective intellect and attractiveness to clients. Send information about new courses, seminars, or webinars to fuel learning and improve performance.

Quality: A Proven Collaborator

Training Tip: You want to have people who communicate with their team and ask for help. “These are folks that won’t get stuck twice,” says Stanley. “They are not going to sit there and spin their wheels if they’ve lost two pieces of business. Instead, they are going to call their manager and say, ‘Hey, what blind spot do I have right now that I’m not seeing?’” It’s all about collaborating, learning and growing together to achieve results.

Quality: A Time Management Expert

Training Tip: When Stanley was a regional manager with a remote sales force of 130 employees, she noticed that those who did it well were great at time management. “These folks were covering two and sometimes three states by car. So you had to get very good at organizing your day, your time, and your territory,” she says. She suggests business owners have their teams take time each week to evaluate and organize their quarterly, monthly or weekly progress. Then the team should break down the work according to the activities planned. That will give your virtual team a good sense of the timeline of tasks needed to reach specific sales goals.

Quality: An Independent Thinker

Training Tip: This person is similar to the self-starter, but there are differences. “These are people who are able to set a goal, lay out a plan, create steps and hit a deadline,” says Stanley. To encourage independent thinking among your virtual reps, ask them, “What hard goals have you set for the month, the quarter, the year? How long will it take you to reach the goal? How will you manage this project over the course of the time frame?” Asking these types of questions will train your remote sales staff to take responsibility and develop great autonomy.

By carefully choosing and cultivating your remote sales team, you’ll be in a better position to achieve long-term growth and success. Reach out to an American Family Insurance agent today and verify your policy is up-to-date. You’re going to feel great knowing that your business and your investments are well protected.

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