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4 Smart Ways to Motivate Employee Safety

Practicing workplace safety is crucial to keeping your business dream alive and thriving. But, no matter what policies you put in place, a safe and happy workplace can’t truly be achieved without the support of your staff. When it comes to motivating your employees, a little bit of celebration and involvement can really do the trick. Here’s how to get your employees to make safety a priority:

Celebrate safety week. And have some fun doing it! Kick things off with a breakfast meeting and sprinkle-in fun and informative speakers or activities throughout the week to keep employees engaged. You could even end the week with a trivia competition with prizes as an incentive for people to participate. You’ll have a staff full of safety experts in no time!

Require ongoing training. Regular and required training keeps safety top-of-mind at all times. But remember to keep the training relevant to each employee’s role or department — they’re less likely to pay attention when weighed down with unnecessary information.

Inspire with incentives. Everyone loves being recognized for their hard work — incentives are the perfect way to do this. Reward those who use proper safety procedures and attend regular trainings with an extra day off or a gas gift card. It’ll motivate them to keep up the good work and inspire others to step it up a notch.

Enforce zero tolerance. When all else fails, a zero-tolerance policy on workplace safety violations should keep things in line. Make sure employees know that unsafe procedures will not be tolerated and to take all reports seriously.

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