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Getting More Sales With New Strategies

Generate new leads and increase profits with these tips.

Not long ago, top salespeople cold called and emailed 50, 80, or 100 prospects a day, using the same pitch and pushing their top three products. Today, spam blockers, do-not-call lists, and the whip-smart empowered buyer have put an end to such practices, leaving sales professionals clamoring for new tactics.

“Some 90 to 92 percent of all communication, whether it’s a phone call or a cold e-mail, is ignored by decision-makers,” says Barbara Giamanco, founder and CEO, Social Centered Selling in Atlanta. For experts like Giamanco, closing the deal is all about adaptability and learning something new every single day.

As your new sales cycle begins, integrate these sales tactics for stellar results.

Make a warm call, not a cold one. If you’re trying to reach a decision-maker within the company, Giamanco says, “look for an introduction by a key person within the firm and do enough homework and research to craft a message that’s targeted and relevant to the client.” Technically, it’s a cold call, but Giamanco says it’s a warm call because “You’re bringing something of value that they might be interested in talking more about.”

Engage in the conversation. “Instead of investing time and money in direct mail or buying lists, go where your prospects are conversing,” says Mark Roberge, chief revenue officer at HubSpot, an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors and close customers. It could be a popular industry blog or LinkedIn group, or a handful of like-minded individuals on Twitter that your prospects respect. “Read that blog, comment, follow, retweet and add value.” Then convert that “warmth and fuzziness” into sales.

Excavate critical information. Back in the day, sales people were trained to say, “Tell me about your business.” That doesn’t fly anymore, says Giamanco. Instead, she has a conversation similar to this with interested executives: ‘I came across your video from the Las Vegas conference and I was super impressed. You said there were five initiatives that were important to your channel’s ecosystem. I’m curious: Are there one or two of those initiatives that you’re really focused on this year and how will it impact your business if you aren’t able to execute?’

Dive deep on your prospects. “Small business owners have to really understand the day-to-day job of the people they are trying to sell to,” says Roberge. For example, at HubSpot, new sales hires have to build their own site and blog using the company’s software. “We have them rank and Google for dozens of keywords, generate hundreds of followers on social media and set up landing pages to convert leads,” he says. Technology like this puts your sales force in the shoes of their prospects and teaches them to become thought leaders.

Flip the script to the buyer’s point of view. Salespeople waste too much time talking about their products “and they don’t spend enough time thinking about the process from the buyer’s point of view,” says Giamanco. Instead of focusing on the goals, needs, and opportunities that the buyer presents, offer mutually beneficial solutions that lay the foundation for a successful strategic partnership.

Finding new ways to get inside your customers’ heads is crucial to sales success. “If you want to align yourself and your company with the modern-day buyer, personalization is one of the cornerstones of that transformation,” says Roberge.

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