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5 Types of Content to Engage Your Audience

Here’s how to create content for your business to attract and engage new customers.

Content marketing is one of the hottest strategies businesses of all sizes use to build relationships with customers, so they’ll keep coming back again and again.

The question is, where should you start?

“In order to differentiate yourself from the competition and thrive in an online space, you have to have content that addresses whatever the No. 1 burning question is in your customer’s or audience’s mind,” says Jason A. Miller, global content marketing lead at LinkedIn.

That means adapting your message to the people you’re trying to reach. We’ve got five great examples of content that you can use to inspire, educate and inform new and existing customers.

Snackable Content

Instead of presenting a 10-minute video about your company, why not offer a 60-second clip that then links back to the bigger picture? The idea is not to overwhelm your audience, but instead offer small chunks of information that can quickly and easily be consumed.

Target audience: Snackable content appeals to consumers who are mobile-savvy and on the go. “You’ll need content that grabs someone’s attention in this chaotic world of short attention spans and fast-moving social media,” Miller says.

E-books and White Papers

These in-depth types of content authoritatively and strategically influence customers. They can be 30 pages (or more), and may include data-intensive charts and graphics.

Target audience: This approach works best for an audience that trusts your business and wants to dig deeper into the products you offer. “Hook them with some snackable content and drive them back to the bigger picture,” suggests Miller.

YouTube Videos

With a little time, effort, creativity and basic video editing software, even newbies can create video content that effectively educates customers about their brands and products. Miller suggests focusing on audio quality and devoting enough time to video editing.

Target audience: Videos are a great way to reach people who are visual learners, and, of course, younger target audiences who prefer watching YouTube.

Business Blog Posts

With their running narrative format, blogs are highly engaging, offering a platform for audience members to comment and share with others. “It is not the sexiest form of social media, but certainly it is the most important and incredibly powerful,” Miller says.

Target audience: Blogs are especially effective in targeting those who follow certain topics that are related to your business’s products and brand.


Infographics offer a well-designed, graphic-heavy, copy-light way of breaking down a complicated story into a visual one.

Target audience: Infographics are highly impactful among those who don’t want to read a great deal but respond well to visuals and readily engage with your business through social media.

Updating your content marketing format can lead to significant changes in your company’s public image, customer relations, and net profits. Start with the basics by owning your content through your website, blogs, newsletter, and e-mails and then have fun adding bonus elements to your plan.

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