Protect Your Business Buildings From Mother Nature

Mother Nature is unpredictable. And she can bring on some severe weather that can take a toll on your business and your buildings. But smart planning can save you time and money and keep your business dreams thriving.

Weather the Storm

Nothing changes like the weather. The best way to be ready is to know what you’re up against. Be aware of what each season can bring and do what you can to be ready.

Weight of winter. Deep snow can give your roof a heavy burden to bear. As the snow and ice stack up, the chance of a roof collapse goes up. To stay on top of roof concerns, do what you can to keep it cleaned off. And know each building’s weight limit. If you’re not sure, call a professional for an inspection.

Wind and rain. When wind and rain get together, they can cause a serious ruckus. But a few fairly simple steps can make a big difference in reducing damage.

  • Identify and repair leaks around windows and doors.
  • Secure the flashing and anchor all vents on your roof.
  • Build flood shields on basement windows and doors to prevent damage from rising waters.
  • Identify and replace water-damaged wood siding.
  • Properly paint and seal exterior walls.
  • Slope surrounding landscape down and away from the building.
  • Secure, seal and insulate all windows, doors and garages.

Lightning strikes. According to the National Severe Storm Laboratory, lightning is the most dangerous and frequent weather hazard. But a lightning protection system can drastically lower your risk. By safely grounding a lightning bolt, the right system can save lives and reduce damage.

The Right Coverage. The Best Support.

It’s a smart move to get your business buildings weather-ready, but it’s just as wise to protect your dream with the right insurance coverage. American Family has the customized coverage you need to find the peace of mind you deserve.

Building and business personal property. If your building or its contents are damaged, our property coverages help you get things repaired and rebuilt as quickly as possible.

Business income and extra expenses. Should the weather cause damage that forces you to close your doors for a while, this coverage will reimburse you for lost income and any extra expenses you might face during that period.

Important business documentation coverage. Printed or electronic, your documents keep your business running smoothly. We provide coverages that help repair, replace and restore your accounts receivable, electronic data and valuable papers.

Fast, fair claims. Count on us when you need us most. We know your business and we’re dedicated to getting it back up and running as soon as possible.

Helpful business tools. In addition to protecting your business, American Family is committed to helping it grow. Turbo-charge your dream with FREE access to our award-winning Business Accelerator Program, including professional coaching and online tips and tools.

Have questions about your current coverage? Want to be sure your business and buildings are fully protected against the unpredictability of Mother Nature? Your American Family agent is ready to help!

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