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Boost Your Business’ Efficiency With New Tech

New-age technology keeps the workflow flowing.

Gone are the days when work would come to a halt or meetings would go unscheduled because leaders are on a business trip, a team member is on vacation, or a project coordinator left critical files at home. With today’s innovative office technology tools, you can revolutionize your small business and at the same time, galvanize your entire team with little effort and relatively little cost.

“In order to keep up with the changing business world, it’s important to constantly change and update your technology,” says Scott Steinberg, technology futurist for TechSavvy, a business consulting and consumer products testing firm, and author of Make Change Work for You. “Technology is constantly being updated and refined monthly, weekly and daily.”

In this tech-driven world, you need to give your team the tools they need to succeed. Here are some of the best:

Invest in cloud storage. Data stored in the cloud will transform your office technology and help your team work together in a more effective and dynamic way. Using the cloud, your desk travels whenever and wherever you go. Consider companies such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, SpiderOak and Amazon Cloud. Using cloud technology, your entire leadership structure and team can work together in real time from any place in the world. Everyone is always on the same page, at the same time. “Your team can share documents and there is no confusion,” says Steinberg. “It allows the teams to more easily connect, communicate, collaborate and get the job done.”

Mobile payment processing. Consider mobile payment providers such as GoPayment, PayAnywhere, and Square. These mobile payment card readers and apps allow quick and easy shopping for customers and vendors and will lighten the workload of your team. Clients are increasingly looking for payment options at their fingertips. “It makes it much easier and less frustrating to process those payments,” Steinberg says. “And, happier customers make for happier employees.”

Utilize CRM. Customer relationship management solutions such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft and HubSpot CRM help your team sell faster and smarter and better manage customer relationships. Your team will be able to efficiently maintain all correspondence records with customers from contact to conversion. “This allows them to make sure everybody is working in sync to create positive results,” Steinberg says.

Video conferencing. Face-to-face communication keeps people’s attention, draws them in, and promotes team cohesion. Options to consider include Skype, FaceTime and Tango. Unlike a conference call where it’s easy to tune out your colleagues, video conferencing can lead to increased focus and better collaboration. “No matter where you’re working, you can have valuable face time with clients, colleagues, and partners,” Steinberg says.

Note-taking and archiving in digital workspaces. With services such as Evernote or Google Keep, your team can save to-do lists, notes and Web information in one central location. Information is accessible from any device allowing for creativity, strategizing, and easily sharing ideas.

Modernizing your office’s technology tools will make your business more efficient, competitive, and reinvigorate your team. “Give them the tools they need to make their jobs easier and more manageable to translate ideas and opportunities into action,” says Steinberg. “The world’s most innovative companies give their teams better tools for speaking up and acting when they spot opportunities and threats in the marketplace.”

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