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Workplace Wellness and Your Small Biz

You work hard to keep your business moving forward, but you can’t do it alone! Your employees play a big role in your success and you wouldn’t be where you are without them. So make sure they’ll always be happy and healthy by creating an environment of wellness in your workspace. Here’s where to start:

Embrace ergonomics. Help your workers get comfortable by supplying them with adjustable, ergonomic chairs and keyboards. This will help fight against workplace injuries like chronic back pain or carpal tunnel and keep them healthy for the long term.

Schedule walking meetings. Inspire employees by getting them up and moving for brief meetings. It’ll be a healthy and refreshing break from sitting all day, plus research shows that walking makes people more creative! Win-win.

Encourage expression. Some office spaces lack creativity, which can be a motivation barrier and an emotional drain for the staff. So encourage employees to deck out their desks with pictures or trinkets that inspire them. You can even lead the charge by adorning the walls with art or decking out your own office!

Offer up healthy snacks. Save the donuts or muffins for special occasions and regularly bring in treats like fruits, nuts or granola bars for your staff to munch on instead. Having these fresh snacks available will encourage employees to be healthy — not to mention brain food is good for fueling your business!

Open up communication. People will feel happier and more comfortable in their jobs if they feel they can talk openly with you about their concerns. So make yourself accessible and opt for an open-door policy.

Stick to your sick policy. In a workplace, sickness tends to spread fast! So encourage your employees to stay home if they’re feeling under the weather and never make them feel guilty for missing work. Give them time to rest up and they should be good as new in no time!

Kick-start your wellness initiative with this simple guide and you’ll build an environment employees are happy to come to every day! That’s great news for your growing business dream.

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