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Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

24/7 small business data protection with cyber defense, response and guidance

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What does cyber liability insurance cover?

Our cyber liability insurance helps businesses and landlords cover costs associated with data breaches.* With the cyber experts at CyberScout, we deliver education, risk mitigation and loss recovery.**
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Benefits of Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

Our cyber liability insurance helps protect your business. From breach resolution to data defense and restoration services offered by CyberScout, we’ve got you covered.**

Did you know?

According to IBM Security's Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022, "83% of organizations studied have experienced more than one data breach."*** Protect yourself with cyber coverage insurance today.
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Private Employee Data Posted Publicly

With cyber liability coverage, you can get help determining the extent of the breach. You can also get help developing victim notifications and a response strategy.
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Hit by a Storm

A storm rips through your business. It causes you to lose thousands of files containing confidential client data. Our cyber liability insurance can help you determine the breadth of your loss and develop a recovery plan.
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Your CFO Receives Ransomware

Our cyber liability insurance can help pay legal fees and data recovery costs. It can also help you address the breach using the industry’s best practices to avoid compliance penalties.
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