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Carmen Young


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Personal Information
Losing my father at the age of 19 I was devastated. Fortunately, he was an army veteran buried at Revies Barracks in honor of our country. My father didn't have life insurance and ironically after losing my job as a teller, a fortune 500 Life Insurance company called and said I would be the perfect fit for their company. The rest is history. I found a passion for life insurance & never looked back
Professional Background
I have been in insurance and finance since 2005. Starting my career off in banking then moving into the tax and insurance industry. I am a proud insurance agent of 17 years and hope to continue serving and servicing my community for many years to come. I stand behind teaching generational wealth & financial security using Whole Life as a living benefit creating legacies 1 household at a time (~_~)
Hobbies & Interests
I love to swim, skate, canoe, & simply explore what life has to offer! I have always liked being creative and thinking outside of the box and that seems to flow into my written word. I have written songs, and played around with poetry and would like to think I'm a deep intellectual thinker who loves analyzing life. I am a scary movie buff & love to read but the most important thing to me is FAMILY
National Honor Society Who's Who of America University of Missouri Dean's List