My team is here to serve. Our unique backgrounds, training and experience have prepared us well to help meet your insurance needs. Additionally, as residents of your community, we understand how important it is to be there for you - our trusted friends and neighbors. Together, we're building strong partnerships that help everyone succeed.

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Gabrielle Ruberti

Sales Specialist – All Lines
Gabrielle joined our team early 2022 and has a keen naturally ability to learn processes, effective coverage value and problem solve. She is always the first one to answer the phone and get what needs done for the client usually within the hour they called. Gabie has become a critical team member to our Agency and our Clients. Her primary role at our Agency is helping new and existing clients with reviewing coverage value and providing an effective foundation for new clients coming to our Agency for help. Gabie provides thorough analysis and reviews against prior coverage to properly show your best value. Give Gabie a call or email today to see if you're getting the best coverage for your buck!

Nathan Sharp

Agency Branch Manager
Since starting in 2019, Nathan has supported Sydney every step of the way, from designing the office floorplan to mounting the sign. With his natural problem solving skills he is a valuable asset to the team. Insurance isn't as simple as most think. When the worst happens, he can handle complex situations and critical events with ease and confidence. This has lead to extremely happy clients in regards to Renewals, Claims and complex or 'High Value' clientele. With this skill, he has naturally taken on the role of primarily working on renewals and client service. This proficiency has lead to being able to originate new client policy packages and insurance portfolios with extremely effective coverage value. Give him a call today if you would like a fresh review!